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Motor Girls – Female Car Enthusiasts

Blue vs. Pink

It starts from the moment you’re born. Boys get blue and girls get pink. Boys get G.I. Joe and Hot Wheels, and girls get Barbie and Easy Bake ovens. Boys learn to work with their hands while girls learn to nurture. Recent generations have started to burr the lines on gender specific childhoods, but it will be awhile before a child is free to play with whatever their heart’s desire without judgement.

This unwritten rule of what a child should be playing with grows up into adulthood and it’s a contributor to why the car is seen as a male dominate hobby. Few girls grow up having grease under their finger nails and holding a flashlight while their dad works on the family car. Even when they do, the color of their equipment will usually only come in pink.

When a Dream Becomes a Reality

I never understood men who feel threatened by women who love cars and can wrench or drive better than them. As a car-guy, shouldn’t it be a fantasy to meet a girl that isn’t annoyed at the thought of going to a car show with you? To meet a girl that will bring her own tool box to help you work on your race car. A girl can make you weak in the knees just by saying the phrase “An inline six with triple Weber carburetors”. It’s supposed to be a dream to meet someone you can fall in love and share a hobby with. So why do some men exclude women? Why do some men see women in the hobby as just a pretty face to look good next to their car?

The Woman Who Helped Create Our Obsession

If it wasn’t for women in the automotive world the car could have been delayed by several years, possibly decades.

Photo courtesy of History.com

In 1888, Bertha Benz became the first person in history to complete a long distance trip in one of the earliest examples of an automobile. Bertha Benz was the wife of Karl Benz, and their patent horse-less carriage is considered to be one of the first examples of the automobile. Although Karl Benz was a genius inventor, he struggled in the marketing department. The Benz family was also feeling the heat from another competing German engineer who was tinkering on his own automobile just a few miles away, Gottlieb Daimler.

Bertha Benz believed in her husband’s invention and decided to prove it to everyone by using it to travel 65 miles to her mother’s house. Benz’s car was a three wheeled, single-cylinder, 2.5 horsepower buggy that could sit one in the front and two in the back. Bertha left with her 2 sons on the world’s first ever road trip. The story of her journey is an article in itself, and the publicity created from her trip saved their company from going bankrupt.

hith-bertha-benz-E Car Replica
Photo Courtesy of History.com

The trial by fire road-test also led to Karl going back to the drawing board to work out all the bugs that Bertha faced on the 120 mile around trip, which lead to the introduction of the world’s first gear system. All you bros out there who love dumping the clutch on their V-tech’s owe their burnt clutches to Bertha Benz.

A woman saved the invention we would later revolve our lives around. She proved to people that the horse-less carriage was safe and easy to use. Her efforts got people on board with the idea of the automobile.

Modern Motor-Girls

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a number of female car enthusiasts in my life and have admired them all for being as car-obsessed as me, if not more. They are the reason why I tend to stay away from using the term “car-guy” in my articles, because I know it’s not a one gender hobby.

I am not accusing all car-guys of discriminating against women enthusiasts, I’m saying that this type of thing does happen. There are car-guys out there who share my opinion just like there will properly be some who will read this and completely disagree.

As one female Gear-head said:

“You don’t steer with your boobs or shift with your penis, so why should it matter?”

– Kat Hagen

Biased Media Outlets

I constantly see the term “car-guy” being used to describe enthusiasts in popular automotive websites and even TV shows – media outlets that should know better than to ignore part of it’s target audience.

Car Throttle is guilty of constantly ignoring female car enthusiasts in their articles and media. They love carpet bombing the word “car-guy” all over their videos and articles. Even in videos where they compare non-car enthusiasts to Gear-heads they will still say, “Non-Car Guys”. Scan through the comment feeds of their content and you will find comments like, “car girls too.”


There are some articles and videos about car-girls but they are either written by guys or deal with the same repetitive topics. “The troubles of being a Car-girl”, “How to turn my girlfriend into a car-girl”, “Non-car girls vs. Car-girls”. Stuff we have seen at one time or another for years, nothing new.

Some Car Throttle loyalists will want to say that I am full of it. But, if you are a member of the site try searching for “car-girl”. All you will see are photos of attractive girls posing with cars, memes about how a girlfriend can drive a wedge between a car-guy and his race car, or memes about how rare and glorious meeting a car-girl can be.

Last year, I briefly wrote scripts for a Texas based TV show called, “The Car Guy Show”. I always had trouble with the name of the show because it implied that only men watched it, even though one of the main hosts is a woman – who is also a professional race car driver. Anyone with a fraction of knowledge in marketing will tell you that it’s an incorrect name for a television show trying to go national.

Don’t Pick Sides, Choose Common Sense

One of my female friends told me that in order to be a woman in this hobby you have to have tough skin and be able to take a certain amount of discrimination. That is not right. Our hobby is so massive because of its diversity.

There are so many nicknames for people who love cars: Motor-head, gear-head, lead-foot, petrol-head, rev-head, car-nut, car-freak, etc. So why has “car-guy” become the go-to name in our hobby? It’s time for all of us to start seeing car-girls as more than just objects to pose with our cars, or fantasies. Don’t be threaten that a girl knows more than you about cars, be glad that you can learn from her, and maybe fall in love in the process. Every Dom needs a Letty, and our hobby has enough room for two lanes.

For the record I am not a feminist, because I do not believe in picking one extreme over another. Everything has to be categorized to a point where you are forced to pick a team and join in on the debate instead of just using your own common sense to distinguish right from wrong.


Car-Guys are Good Guys

           Being a car-guy is never boring, but it does have its difficult moments. Our auto obsession is constantly being misunderstood by normal people and especially women. Cars have brain washed us into thinking that a smokey burnout or a well executed handbrake turn will make a girl assume the position and be putty in our hands. Cars make us outweigh the options between how much to spend on our date over how much to spend at the auto part store in order to get our rides ready for: the dragstrip, car meet, or car show next weekend. Women get after us when we refer to our cars as girls, for example, “She was cammed and I installed hooker headers in her, and man does she sound dirty”.  They do not understand half the stuff we are talking about on the daily bases, “Oh wow! A ’69 Boss with a shotgun engine, 4-speed, and slicks! I bet it runs 12s all day!” But we aren’t all bad; in fact, I believe that car-guys are some of the best type for a girl who is looking for a “good guy”.

            Now ladies, when looking for a car-guy beware of posers and pretenders because there are a lot of them out there. Fast and Furious fanboys, guys who think 28 inch “rimz” look great on any vehicle, or that think Pimp My Ride was a good show are NOT qualified. Now if you see a guy who eats ramen noodles every day because he spent his paycheck on race tuned suspension kit (because race car), gets his car facts from watching Top Gear, speaks in a language of numbers; for example, “I just dropped an aluminum 454 with a turbo 700 in the ’69 z/28 so it should be putting down at least 500 at 3500”. Then you might be in the company of a car-guy, greased up hair or busted knuckles are also hints that he’s the real deal. I understand that car-guys are a bit strange in the eyes of the average human, but let me explain to the women of the world why we are strangeness makes for a good spouse or boy friend.

  • The only mistress a car-guy will have will be his car: A car-guy in love will always put his girl at number 1, but our cars will always be in a photo finish second place. That means you’ll never have to worry about him checking out other women, he will be too busy checking out the rear-end of an Audi R8 or 1970 Chevelle SS.
  • We are easy to shop for when it comes to the holidays: Tools, any object with our favorite car or car brand painted on it, or money to buy more tools. Done.
  • The house will be your kingdom!: Feel free to decorate the house as you wish, all we request is the garage to be our kingdom…and maybe part of the backyard to park our summer project.
  • We are handy to have around: Can’t afford a plumber or electrician? Most car-guys can use their stock pile of tools to tinker around with anything that needs fixing around the house. (including your own car)
  •  We express our emotions openly: We will get emotional if we see a car that looks exactly like the one our father used to have, because we will flashback to our childhood memories of sitting on his lap while we steered the car. I know I get an inch in my eye whenever I think back of those moments with my dad. We will definitely shed a tear if we come back from a store to see someone has dented or scratched our beloved automobile…and then go into a ballistic rapid fit of rage. No matter how bad of a mood we are in, once we start driving our car, we will change moods faster than a schizophrenic with a bipolar disorder.
  • Want a good guy that looks like a bad boy? We got you covered: Car guys love fast cars and everything that is usually associated with them such as: rock n roll, leather jackets, sun glasses, tattoos, motorcycles, slick hair, the occasional run-in with the law  and even smoking. Everything needed to make your parents start looking into all female boarding school for you. You get the bad boy image with the good guy heart.

Now realistically every car-guy is different so results may vary, but the point is that we aren’t all that bad once you get past the whole obsession over automobiles. I know every car-guy has said that they wanted a motor girl to share their passion with, marry a girl if she could perform a prefect downshift, or a woman that can hand us the correct socket wrench while we are underneath the car. In the end, however, what we desire the most is a woman who will love us and just tolerate our little hobby. Ladies, you don’t need to understand our hobby if you do not want to, but letting us be able to express our fuel injected addiction freely will be key to making sure we think of you more than our cars.