I’am a Barnfind

            Anyone who considers themselves a Gearhead can recall the moment when they were, “Bite by the Carbug”. Being bite means having an addictive illness that has no cure, and we are thankful that there isn’t one. I was one year old when I was bite and it happened the moment my father came home one day with a Hot Wheels toy car for me. According to my parents, I was transfixed by it and my father kept buying me more and more until I got a pedal car in the shape of an Indy race car at age three. I got my first taste of driving and owning my own means of transportation with that pedal car and it further drove my passion for my soon to be obsession for anything on wheels. Growing up I was always the kid who knew cars in school and was even the president of my high school’s auto shop club during my senior year. When it came time to deciding what I wanted to study in college, I was confident that I wanted to become a mechanical engineer, (coming from a family full of engineers), but after my freshmen year I found out that it was not for me. It wasn’t until the following year when a professor saw my writing ability and recommended I join the school newspaper, which I did and discovered my love for writing. I wrote for the school newspaper for the rest of the year but they failed to publish any of my articles for two reasons: they were too opinionative, and most were automotive related. What I did learn from that experience is the degree I wanted to pursue and the career I wanted to obtain. I switched my degree to Communication Studies and if all goes well I will be receiving my Bachelor’s degree in the fall of 2014. As for a career, if someone was to ask me what my dream job was I would have two options, writing for Hot Rod magazine and hosting the show Top Gear, or any automotive related television program.  Anything I do, whether it is writing or filming/editing short films, they all have a direct correlation to my love for automobiles. Within the past two years I have had people in my area calling for my help in appraising their automotive collections and I take it as an honor to be considered with such a vast reasonability. 

                I am 21 years old, turning 22 this year, and so far I have five cars in my collection: 1997 GMC Sierra, 1985 GMC Sierra, 1977 Camaro LT, 1977 Yamaha 360cc, and a 2013 Mazda 3. They all own a piece of my heart, especially the ’97 GMC because it was my first car and it has gone through hell and back with me over the years. I even totaled it when I was 17 and refused to see it get hauled off to a salvage yard to die. I rebuilt the truck from ground up, with huge support from my father, using a cocktail of new and junkyard parts. People who are not in love with cars, like us, fail to realize that a car is not just two tons of rubber, plastic, glass, and steel. A car can hold memories and experiences that can take you back to different time in your life just by looking at it in a driveway or sitting behind the wheel. Anyone who can remember their first car will feel 15 or 16 years old again the second they spot one driving down the road or parked in someone’s driveway.  A car is a vessel for your soul and you store a little piece of yourself in that vessel every mile you clock on the obometer.

                I feel that I am a barn find because I am like a 1964 Shelby Cobra hidden in a barn somewhere in the country side waiting to be discovered and brought out into the world. I am waiting for the right opportunity to find me so I can go out into the world, make a name for myself, and be the next Jeremy Clarkson, David Freiburger, Chip Foose, and Richard Rawlings of the automotive world. Cars are my passion, and I cannot wait to develop a career that revolves around them.

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